9 Amazing Steps That Help Your Google Keyword Rankings



Just think of, somebody is doing a Google search to find a new company, solutions, services, or product to their issue, something that your business is exclusively qualified to offer.

If your website doesn’t show up on the 1st page of Google search results, the answer is, unfortunately, probably not.  That’s for a few reasons.

Now consider that 34.36% of all clicks go to the 1st search result, and it becomes clear why search engine optimization (SEO) is so essential for the business.

As a SEO Service Provider, we know how important it is. So, here are 9 Amazing steps that help you to improve your Google keyword Rankings.

Without understanding of your keyword performance, you won’t know how far you are and how much you’ve improved.

Get keyword data from Google Search Console and website traffic from Google Analytics.

Analyzing this data will give you a better idea of:

  • You’re most valuable keywords and pages.
  • An Instant opportunity for enhancement.

Focus on improving keywords that are ranking in positions at bottom of Page 1 or top of Page 2 on Google.

It’s effortless to obtain these keywords ranked at the top of the 1st page on Google, which will give you some quick wins to share with your boss or client.

To make sure your keyword targets are aligned with overarching business objectives, it’s essential that you will be aware of both the difficulty of ranking and the search intent behind them.

Knowing the intent, whether it’s informational, transactional, or navigational, will assist you recognize which stage you are at.

SERP analysis is important. Look at what’s currently ranking in the top Google search result for your targeted keyword including:

  • Related searches.
  • People also ask.
  • Google auto complete suggestions.
  • Other advanced search features.

Knowing what is required to rank for a particular keyword will help you improve rankings.

Don’t avoid long-tail queries. While they may have lower search volume, you could be missing out on extremely targeted audiences.

Website structure plays a huge role in SEO. Shortlist & resolve all your technical issues that may reduce your organic keyword visibility.

Create simple navigation from one page to another, which will be easy for search engines and users to find.

If the website is complicated for users to navigate and search engines to crawl, then your keyword rankings will be negatively impacted.

By conducting the technical SEO audit, you can make sure that your website has a best structure, fix any broken links, and resolve any duplicate content issues.

It’s essential that user experience and SEO work together – especially Google’s algorithm has always taken UX into page rankings

Use Google’s Core Web Vitals report, to make sure web visitors are interacting with your website

This examines the loading time of each page and generates data to show you which pages are providing good user experiences.

Another most important user experience signal is the responsiveness of your website.

More than 54% of global traffic comes from mobile. So, if your website is not responsive, this in turn will negatively affect your ranking with a higher bounce rate.

Creating Eye-Catching titles will encourage user to click into the page.

How else can you encourage users to click the page?

  • Emotional headlines drive interactions.
  • Curiosity gain engagement.
  • List and the number 10 in headlines are extremely powerful.

The goal of your title tag and Meta description should be to explain the advantage to users.

Why should you care about Google’s most recent algorithm updates?

Because the Best SEO Services Company always stay on top of these things.

Knowing when an algorithm update first hit and useful for tracking purposes, and will allow you to trace keyword and traffic fluctuations.

This will help you uncover potential reasoning for how/why a site was hit by an update, or certain keyword rankings and pieces of content that may have been impacted by it.

Creating a strong internal link strategy is only half of the battle. The other half is generating highly trustworthy and valuable inbound links from third-party websites.

Google looks to provide users with the best answers to their queries.

Optimizing for featured snippet results and rich snippets are your main concern, keyword targets is now becoming a necessary part of SEO strategy.

While there is definitely a great deal of discuss over the direct value that ranking in “position zero” of search results offers a business, eventually, I pose this question:

Local search has become an additional important part of SEO. Besides to driving business to your physical location, it also has an impact on your website’s rankings.

The finest way to get in on local searches is to create and optimize your Google Business Profile.

It allows you to manage your business shows up across Google platforms like Maps, Reviews, and Local Pack Listings.

A Google Business Profile improves your visibility and gives users information about you at a glimpse. It also allows people to review your business on Google.

Additional, your profile will give you with insights into your audience that may assist you expose new opportunities and keywords to target.

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